Beta Blockers Side Effects


It is extremely difficult to gain control over diseases like high blood pressure and heart attack. Beta blockers can be useful in controlling these diseases. They function to block the beta receptors which are found in organs like the liver, heart, fat cells, kidneys as well as the skeletal muscles.

The beta blockers will attach to these receptors and will control the rate of heart beat and expand the blood vessels. Such actions are possible because the secretion of the hormone called adrenaline and also the passage of the nerve impulses to the heart are controlled. As a result, the functioning of the heart is reduced.

Even if there are benefits related to the use of beta blockers, there are also some side effects linked to them. Bear in mind that all beta blockers may not be effective in treating diseases like high blood pressure. Rather, they can lead to side effects such as dizziness, insomnia, depression, fatigue as well as cold feet and hands. In some individuals, they can increase the possibility of having asthma attacks and will upset the internal levels of cholesterol.

If the use of beta blockers is stopped unexpectedly after they have been used for a long period of time, the risk of heart attack will increase. Several people will experience symptoms like dry skin, mouth and eyes. Difficulty in sleeping as well as in breathing, decrease heart beat and swelling of the hands and feet are other side effects of beta blockers which are less frequently encountered. Listed below are more side effects and guidelines when you decide to use beta blockers.

• In extremely uncommon cases, users of beta blockers manifest symptoms like depression, loss of memory, pain on the back, pain on the abdomen, sore throat, skin rashes, diarrhea, impotence and constipation.

• Another side effect which frequently occurs among beta blocker users is decreased levels of good cholesterol. As a result, the risk of heart attack is increased. Pharmaceutical preparations containing vitamins and minerals and/or trace elements

• In case, you will notice any of the side effect listed above when you use beta blockers, it is best to stop the use of these drugs and talk with your doctor immediately. Do not attempt to take beta blockers if you did not consult your doctor because they can be harmful to you under some circumstances.

stop the use of these drugs

• It has been discovered that beta blockers can interfere with other drugs. Therefore, if you are taking other medications and your doctor will recommend that you use beta blockers, then do not fail to inform him regarding the medications that you are using.

• Several drugs which are used for the treatment of different common diseases like allergy reactions, bronchitis, asthma, high blood pressure, depression, emphysema and diabetes both oral and insulin can intervene with beta blockers.

• It is important to avoid the use of caffeine rich products like coffee and tea in order to avoid the side effects of beta blockers. Also, it is recommended to avoid the use of medicines for cough and cold. Since the action of beta blockers is increased with alcohol consumption, this should also be avoided.

• The use of beta blockers is not recommended to females who are expecting to become pregnant or are already pregnant as well as those nursing women. Finally, a lot of doctors do not recommend the use of beta blockers due to the side effects mentioned above. In more severe cases, beta blockers are used but only in low doses so that the side effects can be avoided. Inderal, Ternomin and Lopressor are a few of the frequently used beta blockers.